The BC 2018 Codes came into effect on December 10, 2018.

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The intent statements, as well the objectives and functional statements for each code requirement in the model National Building, Plumbing and Fire codes are available at https://codes-guides.nrc.ca/IA/15NBC/intentframe.html. Code users should note that, due to some variations in requirements between the model national codes and the BC codes, not all intent statements, objectives and functional statements listed are relevant to all BC code requirements. The objectives and functional statements attributed to the requirements of the BC codes are listed in the Code. Intent statements are not part of the BC codes regulations.

There are four types of indicators:

  1. The blue underlined text in BC Codes 2018 indicates British Columbia's unique technical changes or additions relative to the 2012 edition of the BCCodes.

  2. The blue text, no underline, which also has a vertical line in the outside margin denotes a new change adopted from the model National Codes.

  3. The violet underlined text in BC Codes 2018 is applied to all technical changes or additions which have come into effect by a Revision. No change indication is shown for deleted content.

  4. Double underlining is explained in Division A, Sentence and identifies Revision 2 provisions for Encapsulated Mass Timber buildings that apply in certain jurisdictions.
For more information review the Preface.
Note: All indicators have no legal effect and are applied for convenience only.

All content questions/inquiries are to be submitted to the Building and Safety Standards Branch. Email: codequestion@gov.bc.ca

The 2019 Vancouver By-laws came into effect on November 1, 2019.

All content questions/inquiries are to be submitted to the City of Vancouver.

Email: cbo@vancouver.ca

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